The Golden Mirror Shield is a large unique shield. Both are slightly stronger than the Dragonplate Shield, and weigh as much as both the Dragonplate and Daedric Shield.

It can be tempered with a Gold Ingot and a Malachite Ingot. Much like the other Mirror Shields, it will reflect incoming spells back at the caster when blocking.

The Golden Mirror Shield is heavy armor by default, but can be converted into light armor at an Alteration Table.

Location Edit

The shield is located in Fear of the Ruptured Towers, inside an Ancient Chest in the upper part of the large lava room next to a Gossip Stone. It can be accessed after having completed Fear, and taking the lower path while going toward Anguish and going right along the lower path that leads around the back of Fear to the back door.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The model for the Golden Mirror Shield was made by fcp078.

The Golden Mirror Shield's design is directly inspired by the L3 Shield from A Link to the Past.