The Golden Goddess Gems are three powerful gems scattered across Skyrim. The Golden Goddess Gem trio consists of Din's Ruby, Farore's Emerald, and Nayru's Sapphire. Each of the gems weigh 0.1 units and have a value of 750. The Golden Goddess Gems can be used to awaken the Master Sword or craft their respective spells (Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love).

Din's RubyEdit

Din's Ruby is the ancient power of Din crystallized into a small, radiant ruby. It is used to awaken the Master Sword or create Din's Fire.

It is found in Silverdrift Lair, behind a large urn in the final room.


The room in Silverdrift Lair that contains Din's Ruby. Note the strongbox by the urn on the left of the image.

Nayru's SapphireEdit

Nayru's Sapphire is the timeless wisdom of Nayru crystallized into a deep blue sapphire. It is used to awaken the Master Sword or create Nayru's Love.

It is located in Shroud Hearth Barrow in Iverstead, in a corner of the room before the word wall. Reaching the Sapphire requires Whirlwind Sprint, the Roc's Cape, or the Hover Boots. Look for a strongbox with a blue light around it.


The room in Shroud Hearth Barrow that contains Nayru's Sapphire. Note the illuminated strongbox.

Farore's EmeraldEdit

Farore's Emerald is the forgotten courage of Farore crystallized into a fluorescent, green emerald. It is used to awaken the Master Sword or create Farore's Wind.

It is found in Lost Valley Redoubt, in a sunken chest at the base of the waterfall, near a grate-covered drain. A blue fairy floats above the chest.


The waterfall of Lost Valley Redoubt, where Farore's Emerald is found. The fairy near the center of this image floats above the underwater chest.


  • Din's RubyGo to Din's Ruby
  • Farore's EmeraldGo to Farore's Emerald
  • Nayru's SapphireGo to Nayru's Sapphire

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