Gold Skulltulas are weak, eight-legged enemies that stand at 80% the height of a normal Frostbite Spider. They are found in many Relics of Hyrule locations.

Gold Skulltulas will drop Gold Skulltula Tokens and a potency of Skulltula Venom. They have a fifty percent chance of dropping Gold Skulltula Chitin.

Gold Skulltulas do not wield any weapons, spells, or perks. They will usually not attack, even if provoked. However, if a Gold Skulltula spawns in place of an ambushing Frostbite Spider, they will be hostile.

White-Gold Skulltulas are variants of the Gold Skulltula and are identical except in appearance.


Gold Skulltulas are fairly uncommon. They can be found in many Relics of Hyrule dungeons, some default Skyrim locations, and all Secret Grottoes. There are a total of 37 guaranteed Gold Skulltulas in Relics of Hyrule. They may also spawn with Frostbite Spiders or Skulltulas.

Location Number
Chillwind Depths 1
Dawnstar Spider House 1
Dead Men's Respite 1
Eastmarch Secret Grotto 1
Fahlbtharz 1
Falkreath Secret Grotto 1
Frostflow Abyss 1
Haafingar Secret Grotto 1
Haemar's Shame 1
Hjaalmarch Secret Grotto 1
Ironbind Barrow 1
Kamdelimar 1
Liar's Retreat 1
Lost Echo Cave 1
Midna's Tomb 1
Pale Secret Grotto 1
Reach Secret Grotto 1
Rift Secret Grotto 1
Solstheim Spider House 1
Solstheim Secret Grotto 1
Vetrianaav 1
Winterhold Secret Grotto 1
Beneath The Well 2
Forgotten Cavern 2
White Ridge Barrow 2
Kinolangdanzel 3
Mad God Passage 1
False God Passage 1
Lost Sky Crater 1
Isle of the Deep 2*

*Always White-Gold variant

Background and Inspiration Edit

Gold Skulltulas were originally part of a standalone mod with other Skulltulas. They were integrated into Relics of Hyrule in version 3.0.

Gold Skulltulas are loosely based on the appearance of Skulltulas in Twilight Princess, adapted to the body of Skyrim's Frostbite Spiders. Their coloration is partially based on artwork from Ocarina of Time.


Relics of Hyrule Video Guide - Skulltulas

Relics of Hyrule Video Guide - Skulltulas

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