Ganon's Sword is a one-handed sword that has the same strength as a Daedric Sword and weighs as much as a Dwarven Sword.

The sword has no enchantments by default, but can receive enchantments.

Location Edit

Ganon's Sword is located inside Ganon's Tower, which can be accessed via Ganon's Tomb deep inside the Pale Secret Grotto. It can be found inside Ganon's Coffin which is locked with a Master level lock. The coffin is guarded by the Master Darknut.

Ganon's Coffin contains the sword, Ganon's Armor, Ganon's Gauntlets, Ganon's Boots, Ganon's Cape, Ganon's Circlet and a copy of Ganon's Epitaph.

Lore Edit

The sword was used by Ganondorf during his reign as King of the Gerudo and before the Last Great War of Hyrule. He kept it during the war and used it to fight Zelda during the events of Wisdom, Power, and Emotion.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Ganon's Sword was added in Relics of Hyrule version 6.2.

The sword is from Useless Resources - Weapons by Nexus user urwy.

JKalenad included the sword to reference weapons used by Ganondorf in The Wind Waker, while keeping the design unique and unstylized. Ganon's Sword is meant to humanize Ganondorf both in terms of its design and the implied sentimentality.

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