Dear Farengar,

What do you make of this book? I happened to have two copies, and so I have sent one to you. I have some thoughts of my own, and have found legends of this item a few times in my research. Given your interests in dragons and ancient culture, I wondered if you had discovered something worth mentioning.

Sybille Stentor

Blue Palace, Solitude

Background and Inspiration Edit

From Sybille Stentor was added in Relics of Hyrule version 6.4 to guide the player to the Ocarina of Time from an area commonly visited early in the game. The letter also serves to establish lore for the mod and to anchor the story in the world of Skyrim.

Video Edit

From Sybille Stentor is featured in Episode 3 of Relics of Hyrule: The Series.

Relics of Hyrule- The Series Episode 3 - Letter Openers27:11

Relics of Hyrule- The Series Episode 3 - Letter Openers

See Also Edit

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