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The Freezing Caves are a series of tunnels and caverns filled with ice and snow. They are accessed via the Link Between Worlds and are accessible once the Link is entered.

The Freezing Caves contain no enemies, instead serving to establish atmosphere. During an expedition through the caves, several items can be found as well as clues as to the significance of the caves and the fall of Hyrule.

The Freezing Caves connect to several ruined houses and buildings, as well as Kakariko Chapel and Beneath the Well.

Cave System Edit

Within the central cave system, six Hylian Glass Armors can be found, as well as Hylian Goron Armor, five Rupees and a Gossip Stone.

Loot Edit

Item Location
Rupees Table in basement of Deserted Inn
Blue Ring Glass Armor Under double bed in basement of Deserted Inn
Dark Glass Armor On highest cave shelf in the system's largest chamber
Goron Glass Armor In crevice near large ramp in largest chamber
Lanayru Glass Armor In small arch near small ramp in largest chamber
Woodfall Glass Armor Near entrance to Beneath the Well
Yeti Glass Armor In alcove under highest cave shelf in largest chamber
Hylian Goron Armor Under ramp leading to Deserted Inn
Gossip Stone In alcove near small ramp in largest chamber

Deserted Inn Edit


A view of the Deserted Inn from the large snowdrift inside the building

Basement Edit

Shortly after turning right upon entering the caves is a tunnel leading to the basement of the Deserted Inn. The basement contains several bedrolls, barrels, a double bed, buckets, a wardrobe, a large table with a quill, a smaller table with Rupees and an inkwell, and a barrel holding torches. Several goat horn lamps can be found here, but none cast light. The only door in this area leads to the Inn proper.

Inn Edit

Most of one side of the Deserted Inn is filled with snow, and icicles hang from the walls and ceiling. The inn contains an enchanted Couple's Mask, Hylian Lanayru Armor, Rupees, an Iron Dagger, and a Steel Dagger. Wooden plates and tankards are strewn on the floor. Two chests and a wardrobe can be found in the inn's rooms. The Fourth Journal can be found here.

Loot Edit

Item Location
Rupees Behind counter, on square table in room with bookshelf
Iron Dagger On floor in room with bookshelf
Steel Dagger Behind counter
Hylian Lanayru Armor In far corner of inn, near snowdrift
Journal #4 On round table in room without wardrobe
Couple's Mask On square table in room with bookshelf

Beneath the Well Edit

The well stands to the left of the tunnel to the Deserted Inn. It has been boarded up, and light and snow enter the well's shaft through the cracks. The well is dry and frozen. Boards cover the entrance deeper into the well, but the depths are accessible.

See Beneath the Well page for more information.

Smithy Edit

At the end of the tunnel linking to the Deserted Inn and the well is a fallen ladder and a trap door in the ceiling of the cave. This leads to the basement of the Smithy.

The Smithy is almost entirely filled with snow, and the upper floors are inaccessible and blocked from view. The basement contains a bedroll, an anvil, a workbench, tongs, bellows, a hammer, and several pieces of firewood. The Fighter's Shield and two pieces of Hylian Soldier Armor can be found here, as well as the Third Journal.

Loot Edit

Item Location
Fighter's Shield Workbench
Hylian Soldier's Helmet Near bedroll
Hylian Soldier's Gauntlets Near bedroll
Journal #3 Near bedroll

House of the Dead Edit

Following the tunnel back from the Smithy or turning left upon entering the caves leads to a left turn, double right turn, a ramp, then another left turn, with a ladder and trapdoor in an alcove. This trapdoor leads to the House of the Dead.

The House of the Dead is mostly intact, with snowdrifts blocking the door, filling the fireplace, and covering the bed. An alchemy lab can be found on a table near the trapdoor. An Ebony Dagger can also be found here, with three Burial Masks, a sample of Skin of Redead, four Green Rupees, seven Ruined Books, and Hylian Woodfall Armor. Bowls, plates, and eatingIn far corner utensils are strewn about, as well as a piece of wood.

Loot Edit

Item Location
Ebony Dagger Near alchemy lab
Burial Mask Two on table, one in open snow-filled coffin
Rupees In open coffin (two are hard to access)
Skin of Redead In open coffin
Hylian Woodfall Armor In open coffin
Ruined Books In far corner of room, near tilted shelf

Large Cavern Edit

The tunnels continue past the House of the Dead into the largest cavern of the Freezing Caves. This cavern links to two houses and the General Store. Most of the loot of the Freezing Caves is found here, as well as a Gossip Stone.

General Store Edit

The ladder to the General Store is accessed via the smaller wooden ramp close to the large cavern's central pillar.

The store is mostly inundated with snow, and seems to have partially collapsed, given the presence of a block of stone visible in the snow. A Light Armor Hylian Shield can be found here, as well as seven Rupees, an enchanted Iron Dagger, an Iron War Axe, and a unique Iron Battleaxe that is equal in strength to a Dwarven Battleaxe.

Loot Edit

Item Location
Hylian Shield Behind counter
Rupees Behind counter
Iron Dagger Behind counter
Iron War Axe Behind counter
Iron Battleaxe On edge of snow drift, near counter

First House Edit

One house is accessed via a large wooden ramp that begins near the large central pillar.

Most of the house is filled with snow, with one table pushed toward the supports. A tree stump can be found in the house, as well as Hylian Blue Ring Armor, and the Soldier's Journal.

Loot Edit

Item Location
Soldier's Journal Near table, close to tankards and plate
Hylian Blue Ring Armor Under table

Second House Edit

Another house is accessed by climbing a natural ramp in the large cavern to a wooden platform. Further beyond this platform is where the Dark Glass Armor can be found.

The second house is very small and almost entirely filled with snow. Only the trapdoor area and a small corner of the house are not covered in snow. Planks of wood can be seen in one corner, and chairs can be found in the fireplace. The house contains three Deku Nuts and the First Journal.

Loot Edit

Item Location
First Journal Near snow-covered bed.
Deku Nuts In and about fireplace

Mayor's House Edit

A tunnel leading from the large cavern ends with a ladder leading to the Mayor's House after passing a fork that leads to the Chapel.

The Mayor's House is one of the more intact buildings connected to the Freezing Caves and contains three floors. The basement holds a barrel of torches and is mostly filled with snow. A staircase leads to the first floor, which is almost entirely inundated with snow. The second floor, accessed via another staircase, is mostly clear of snow. The second floor contains a large bed, a safe, a strong box, a wardrobe, a key to said wardrobe, the mayor's Torn Note, and the Blade of Kakariko.

The strong box is empty, while the safe contains valuables including gold, and the wardrobe contains a suit of Hylian Ikana Armor.

Loot Edit

Item Location
Torn Note On square table
Wardrobe Key Under bed
Blade of Kakariko Embedded in bed
Hylian Ikana Armor Within Wardrobe (requires key)

Kakariko Chapel Edit

Kakariko Chapel is accessed via the fork in the tunnel that leads to the Mayor's House. A smaller tunnel can be found on the way, but it is very short and leads nowhere.

See page on Kakariko Chapel for more information.

Lore Edit

As indicated by the Mayor's House and Kakariko Chapel, as well as the journals, the Freezing Caves are a cave system underneath Kakariko Village. According to the Great Fairy's Plea, the player's expedition into the Freezing Caves is the result of time travel via the Link Between Worlds. No information is given as to the location of the caves (and by extension Kakariko Village) in Skyrim as of the Fourth Era.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Freezing Caves were included in version 3.0 with Kinolangdanzel and the Link Between Worlds. They were later expanded to include Kakariko Chapel. The trapdoor for the chapel was included since the beginning.

The Freezing Caves were included to establish lore for the world of Relics of Hyrule and to provide context for Hyrule's downfall. They are partially meant to be a response to the question of whether the mod would include parts of Hyrule. Originally, the entire surface of Kakariko Village was intended to be included, but JKalenad lacked the skills to implement it.

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