Forgotten Cavern is a large cave accessed by a trapdoor located west of Silent Moons Camp. It consists of a large system of caves. It contains the Blasphemous Shield, as well as an Oocca Tunic and an Oocca Cap.

The entrance branches off into three directions. To the south is a dead-end. To the west awaits a Golden Skulltula. To the north is the camp of Vylintyn Mohkcshivek. On the northeast side of the cavern are multiple samples of Skulltula Chitin and a Golden Skulltula Token. On the southeast side of the cavern are multiple Bomb Flower Buds and Deku Nut Clusters. To the east lies a passage that further progresses into the cave. The passage eventually leads to the Blasphemous Shield. It also leads to multiple Bokoblin that guard an adeptly locked Hero's Chest containing a Oocca Tunic and an Oocca Cap.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Forgotten Cavern was included in Relics of Hyrule version 6.3.

The layout of the cavern is virtually identical to the Freezing Caves. This was done to imply that the Forgotten Cavern is the present state of the Freezing Caves. The presence of a large blue crystal furthers this connection between the caverns.

One inaccessible area of the cavern leads to another cave entrance and an auto-load door. This was put in place in case of a future expansion, as JKalenad was considering the inclusion of a Cave of Ordeals connected to the Forgotten Cavern.

The Forgotten Cavern is not a Secret Grotto, despite being accessed via trapdoor. JKalenad originally planned the cavern to be accessed through a large cave opening, but did not want to disrupt the landscape nearby. The Forgotten Cavern is located in Whiterun Hold, which already as a grotto in the form of Rorikstead Secret Grotto.



Forgotten Cavern - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Forgotten Cavern - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

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