The Fighter's Sword is a unique one-handed sword with the same strength as a Glass Sword, and weighs as much as a Dwarven Sword.

The sword can't be tempered, but can have an enchantment placed on it.

Location Edit

The Fighter's Sword is located in Hilda's Tomb, which is located within Grief of the Ruptured Towers.

It is inside a chest containing a Lolian Foritified Shield, a Small Key, and Hilda's Confession.

Lore Edit

According to Hilda's Confession, the Fighter's Sword was brought into Lorule during the Battle of a Thousand Heroes. Presumably, the Hero of Legend carried the sword into Lorule.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Fighter's Sword was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 6.4, Remnants of Lorule.

The model for the sword was made by fcp078.