The Fighter's Shield is a unique blue shield that has more strength than the Chitin Shield, and weighs as much as a Stalhrim Shield. It is slightly weaker than an unmodified Hylian Shield.

By default, the Fighter's Shield is light armor, but can be converted to heavy armor at an Alteration Table, while still keeping the same armor rating and weight, thus why it is unique.

The Fighter's Shield can be improved into the Red Shield at a Terminan Forge or an Ancient Enchanter.

Location Edit

The Fighter's Shield is found in the Smithy on a buried workbench in the Freezing Caves, located within the Link Between Worlds.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Fighter's Shield and Red Shield were added in Relics of Hyrule version 6.2.

The Fighter's Shield and Red Shield's design is based on the shield seen in the artwork for A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. Both shields appeared as the L1 and L2 Shield respectively in A Link to the Past.

The model for the Fighter's Shield was made by fcp078. It was reused for the Hylian Knight's Shield and other shields of a similar shape.

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