The Fierce Deity's Gauntlets are a pair of gauntlets that provide slightly more protection than Dwarven gauntlets.

The gauntlets are part of the Fierce Deity's Equipment and are found in Red Eagle Redoubt. The gauntlets are located in a chest at the top of one of the towers found after the Forsworn Briarheart that carries the sword Red Eagle's Fury.

The gauntlets are unenchanted and require a Moon Shard to temper. They are light armor by default, but can be changed to heavy armor at an Alteration Table.

Lore Edit

When a path between Termina and Hyrule was opened during the Last Great War of Hyrule, Terminan mages took the Fierce Deity's Mask with them into Hyrule, and it was separated from its associated sword and suit of armor. This was done so the pieces could be used in battle as well as to prevent the Mask from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Fierce Deity's Gauntlets are retextured Blades gauntlets. The Blades gauntlets were chosen because of their resemblance to the gauntlets worn by Link under the effects of the Fierce Deity's Mask.

Gallery Edit


The gauntlets as worn by a male character with the rest of the Fierce Deity's Armor

See Also Edit

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