The Fierce Deity's Equipment includes several items associated with the Fierce Deity's Mask. They are required for the forging of Majora's Mask Unbound.

Item FormID EditorID Location
Fierce Deity's Sword (##297CCB) FierceDeitySwordLesser Morwitijaal Sanctuary
Fierce Deity's Mask (##8095CD) ArmorFierceDeityMask Alftand Animonculory
Fierce Deity's Armor (##8F5668)* ArmorFierceDeity* The Shattered Lands
Fierce Deity's Gauntlets (##8F0449)* ArmorFierceDeityGauntlets* Red Eagle Redoubt
Fierce Deity's Boots (##8F0447)* ArmorFierceDeityBoots* Kakariko Chapel
Fierce Deity's Cap (##8F0443)* ArmorFierceDeityCap* Blind Cliff Bastion
Fierce Deity's Circlet^ (##BA4EC6) ArmorFierceCirclet Crafted (see article)

*In its default form

^Not necessary for Majora's Mask Unbound. Alternative to Mask or Cap

Notes Edit

The Fierce Deity's Mask and Gauntlets fortify the player's armor rating by 20 points, while the Armor absorbs magic damage and reflects a portion of physical damage back onto attackers.

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