The Fierce Deity's Cap is a piece of headgear found in Blind Cliff Bastion. The cap is neither light armor nor heavy armor, but carries an enchantment that fortifies the armor rating of the wearer by 20 points.

The cap can be tempered with a Moon Shard and is part of the Fierce Deity's Equipment and is required for the crafting of Majora's Mask Unbound.

In version 6.4, errors with crafting recipes were corrected, and a darker version of the cap was made accessible via the Alteration Table. The dark version was inaccessible prior to 6.4.

Location Edit

Blind Cliff Cave

A potential route to Blind Cliff Cave from Markarth

The cap is found in a chest outside a caged corridor in Blind Cliff Bastion. This area is accessed via a secret door found after going through the corridor. The cap shares the area with a Charred Fragment. The chest containing the cap is in a dark area of the room.

Crafting Edit

Required Items Fierce Deity's Cap Greater Soul Gem (Empty)
Match Conditions Fierce Deity's Cap in Inventory ----
This recipe is identical for the conversion of the lighter cap into the darker cap, as well as the darker cap into the lighter cap.

Lore Edit

When a path between Termina and Hyrule was opened during the Last Great War of Hyrule, Terminan mages took the Fierce Deity's Mask with them into Hyrule, and it was separated from its associated sword and suit of armor. This was done so the pieces could be used in battle as well as to prevent the Mask from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Fierce Deity's Cap shares the same meshes as other caps. It was added in version 6.0 with the rest of the Fierce Deity's Equipment.

Gallery Edit


The alternate darker version of the cap

See Also Edit

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