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The False Master Sword is a unique one-handed sword identical in appearance to the Sleeping Master Sword. It is equal in strength to an Ebony sword, but swings at the same speed as a war axe. The sword cannot be tempered, but it can be enchanted.

Location Edit

Three False Master Swords can be found. One is held by the Hero's Shade, and two are hidden in the forests of Falkreath Hold.

One of the hidden swords is southeast of Pinewatch and east of the Falkreath Secret Grotto on a large dirt cliff. The sword is surrounded by tall trees, and rests at the base of a large tree.

Another is located east of North Shriekwind Bastion and west of Lakeview Manor (if Hearthfire is installed). The sword is surrounded by tall trees and is located behind a small dirt cliff and large rock formation opposite the shore of Lake Illinata. The cliff near the sword is across from a fallen tree and bird's nest at the base of a large stone cliff-face.

Lore Edit

The False Master Sword is a replica of the Master Sword intended as a decoy in the event evil forces found the original hiding place of the Master Sword, the Ethereal Sanctuary. When the Hero's Shade ultimately returned to Hyrule and found the Sanctuary, he found the False Master Sword and considered it one of the last remnants of Hyrule, as well as a symbol of his own failure. In a sense, the False Master Sword was the seed from which the Hero's Shade grew the Ruptured Towers.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The False Master Sword was included in version 6.0 with the Hero's Shade and the Ruptured Towers. It was originally intended to be a unique weapon similar in design to the sword wielded by the Hero's Shade in Twilight Princess, but was changed to its present appearance. The change was done to establish the identity of the Hero's Shade and mystery surrounding him.

The False Master Sword also serves to reference the decoy Master Swords found in the Lost Woods in A Link to the Past.

In Version 6.5, JKalenad added two False Master Swords to the forest of Falkreath Hold, akin to the decoys in A Link to the Past. An empty pedestal can also be found in Falkreath Hold.

Gallery Edit

Southeast of Pinewatch Edit


The sword southeast of Pinewatch in situ.


The cluster of trees housing the sword southeast of Pinewatch.

East of North Shriekwind Bastion Edit


The sword east of North Shriekwind Bastion in situ.


The small cliff between the sword and road, east of North Shriekwind.

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