Fairy Jars, or Fairies in Jars, are unique items found throughout Skyrim and Solstheim. A total of nine jars can be found, each with a different color Fairy trapped within.

Using a Fairy in a Jar in the inventory releases the Fairy, grants a brief blessing, and allows the Fairy to be recruited from a Fairy Font.

Details Edit

Fairy Location Details Blessing on Release
Pink Yngvild Throne Room, on or behind shelf to right of door behind throne Attributes restored by 150 pts, fortified by 50 pts.
Red Haafingar Secret Grotto, on right side of fountain room, near Alnesaan Restore Health 200 points, fortify by 100

One-handed, Two-handed, Archery fortified 20%

Orange Mzinchaleft Depths, in Falmer hut near fountain 10 pt. Flame Cloak for 10 seconds
Yellow Itnamzand Sanctum, near access to Link Between Worlds 10 pt. Shock Cloak for 10 seconds
Green Kamdelimar, on opposite side of room from sarcophagus Restore Stamina 200 points, fortify by 100
Blue Kinolangdanzel Shrine, behind door to Link Between Worlds Restore Magicka 200 points, fortify by 100
Purple Morwitijaal Sanctuary, near Dark Chest of Wonders 10 pt. Frost Cloak for 10 seconds
Black Vetrianaav, in final room Restore and Fortify random attributes.

1% chance to fortify heal rate by 200%

White Rift Secret Grotto, in sunken ruin 80% resist magic.

Cure disease, cure poison, cure paralysis

Random attribute recovery fortified 50%.

1% chance to fortify heal rate by 300%

Background and Inspiration Edit

Fairy Jars were added to Relics of Hyrule in version 6.3. They are modified from the Torchbug in a Jar item.

JKalenad's original plan was to allow the player to catch hint Fairies in glass jars and release them in battle if needed. The Fairies would have also served to protect the player from death and no Fairy recruitment system was planned. JKalenad opted instead to disable hint Fairies when a location was looted, and to add unique jars containing the nine Fairy colors. JKalenad felt that releasing already trapped Fairies was more fitting for Relics of Hyrule, given that it was less restrictive than catching them in jars, and connected well with the scavenger hunt design of the mod, as well as the trapped bugs from the Skyrim base game. He also felt that it was more respectful of the Fairies themselves and gave them a reason to protect the player in battle.

JKalenad has plans to expand the blessings of the fairies to be similar to the extra effects of the Red Fairy, namely that certain skills will be fortified in addition to a Fairy's standard effects. The fortification will also be lowered to 10%.

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