Even Death May Die

"As children, we fear the dark. Anything might be out there. The unknown troubles us. Ironically, it is our fate to live in the dark. Even after we are grown, the darkness retains its power to frighten us. And so there are those who say we should not inquire too closely into who else might be living in that darkness. Better not to know, they say."

The Last Great War of Hyrule was waged against only one army, but this army changed as the war progressed. At first, the Dark Army was composed of Moblins, Bokoblins, Butablins, Bulbins, Lizalfos, and reluctant Gerudo. Soon the undead joined their ranks. Stalfos, Stalchildren, Gibdos, Redeads, Poes. The natural monsters fell to Hylian spears, but the undead grew more numerous. The Dark Army became one of the dead. One creature became more common than any other: the Staltroop.

Hylian warriors feared the Staltroops more than other foes, not because of strength -- Staltroops were among the weakest soldiers in the Dark Army -- but because they feared that the next Staltroop they fought may once have been a comrade. The Staltroops were reanimated corpses of fallen soldiers, wearing decayed armor, but as the war continued, the armor of the Staltroops became newer and more familiar. Ganon's army was almost invincible, as victory was impossible against an army that recruited the dead. The Last Great War of Hyrule became a twisted civil war.

Ganon's lust for power overwhelmed him, and he became obsessed with destroying Hyrule's armies in new ways. He ventured into other realms to gather power and allies. In Lorule, he recruited the shadows themselves and devoured Hilda's armies, obtaining part of the Lolian Triforce. The hungry shadows moved into Hyrule, and swarmed the land, engulfing livestock, vegetation, and innocent civilians, who were quickly added to the ranks of the Dark Army.

With part of the Lolian Triforce and his own Triforce of Power, Ganon ventured into the sky, determined to conquer the beast awakened by the Gorons.

Notes Edit

Even Death May Die is the fourth of the Hero's Laments written from the perspective of the Hero of Time with regards to events of the Last Great War of Hyrule. The book explores the Staltroops and partially shares information with the book on the Last Great War written by Midna. The book also mentions the downfall of Lorule and the seizing of part of Lorule's Triforce. The book addresses the origins of the Hungry Shadows found in The Ruptured Towers - Loss.

The book can be considered a companion to The Dark Lord and the World-Eater.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The opening quote is by Carl Sagan from his book Pale Blue Dot.

The title is taken from "The Namless City" by H.P. Lovecraft.

See Also Edit

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