Ellary is a potential follower found in Hjaalmarch Secret Grotto. She wears an Ashland Woodfall Tunic, Fur Gauntlets, Skulltula Chitin Boots, as well as a Life Medal, Ring of Kokiri, Kokiri Circlet, and most plainly, a Keaton Mask.

She is shorter than most characters, standing a little taller than children. She is 88% the size of a normal female Breton.

She carries a Steel Dagger, a Fairy Bow, 42 Steel Arrows, a Deku Shield, an extra Keaton Mask, and extra Ring of Kokiri, and common citizen loot.

Her only spell is Fast Healing, and she has the Wind Walker, Respite, Regeneration, and second-level Shield Wall and Bladesman perks.

Ellary has no requirements for recruitment, and only needs to be found.

In battle, she uses her bow, and at close range a one-handed weapon. If given two one-handed weapons, she may dual-wield.

Ellary will not remove her Keaton Mask unless given a stronger item that occupies the same armor slot, or unless the console is used to force her to unequip it.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Ellary was introduced in version 4.5 of Relics of Hyrule. She is the only follower and only amiable NPC available in the Dawnguard and No-DLC versions of the mod.

Ellary draws inspiration from the Kokiri Tribe and from Kafei.

Her color scheme and possession of a Keaton Mask is in reference to Kafei, while her Deku Shield is in reference to the Kokiri, and her size is in reference to both inspirations.

Ellary is named after actress Ellary Porterfield.

In version 6.31, Ellary's face and hair were modified and her eye color changed. This was done to make her nature more mysterious, and to allude to her true nature. Her appearance may change in future updates, with only slight modifications to her hairstyle and color.

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Ellary's face after Version 6.31


Ellary's Face prior to 6.31

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Keaton Mask, Ellary, and Hjaalmarch Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Keaton Mask, Ellary, and Hjaalmarch Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide


Lore Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ellary's origin is kept vague within the mod, and it has been implied that she may be cursed, a child, a Kokiri, a spirit of some kind, or simply a very short Breton. JKalenad has been deliberately secretive in regard to Ellary, but there are some hints as to her true nature.

  • Ellary cannot be married.
  • Ellary cannot be killed unless her essential state is changed with a mod or through the console.
  • Ellary wears the Ring of Kokiri, and Kokiri Circlet.
  • Instead of One-handed, Light Armor and Archery as her equipment would seem to indicate, she is more well-versed in magic skills, including Illusion.
  • Ellary's home, the Hjaalmarch Secret Grotto, has two Golden Foxes near it instead of one.
  • Ellary is a member of the Fox Faction, a mostly unused faction that causes rabbits to flee from its members.
  • Ellary wears the Keaton Mask.
  • Ellary's face changes, and may change in the future.
  • Ellary's EditorID within Creation Kit is EllaryKeaton2ally.

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