The Divine Shield is the upgraded form of the Sacred Shield. It offers more protection than a Glass Shield, while weighing as much as one.

It offers slightly more protection toward fire and shock damage, while reflecting damage back at enemies, especially at undead.

It can be tempered with a Lesser Soul Gem, and can be upgraded into the Goddess Shield at a Terminan Forge or at an Ancient Enchanter.

By default, the Divine Shield is classed as light armor and cannot be altered to heavy armor at an Alteration Table.

Crafting Edit

At a Terminan Forge Edit

Required Items Conditions Alternate Conditions
Sacred Shield Smithing Lv.45 Triforce of Knowledge
Black Soul Gem (Filled)
2 Hawk Feathers
3 Bone Meal

At an Ancient Enchanter Edit

Required Items Conditions Alternate Conditions
Sacred Shield Restoration Lv.45 Triforce of Knowledge
Black Soul Gem (Filled) Alteration Lv.35
2 Hawk Feathers Enchanting Lv.40
3 Bone Meal

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Divine, Sacred, and Goddess Shields were added in Relics of Hyrule version 3.4.

The shield is designed based on how it was featured in Skyward Sword, but a bit grittier and aged.

The recipe for crafting the Divine Shield is based on the recipe used in Skyward Sword, replacing the ingredients needed there with similar ones in Skyrim. The Black Soul Gem is in place of the Dark Relic, the Hawk Feathers are in place of the Bird Feathers, and the Bone Meal is in place of the Ornamental Skulls.

In version 6.4, the Goddess Shield, Divine Shield, and Sacred Shield were redesigned with darker, higher-contrast textures to better fit their age and other items in Skyrim. The redesign also serves to reflect the state of Hyrule's spirit.

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The shield prior to version 6.4