Deku Nuts are organic weapons that can be thrown, and have a chance to stun enemies.

They can be found in Deku Nut Clusters in various locations, mostly in Secret Grottos.

One in five Deku Nuts harvested from clusters are Mature Deku Nuts, which strike enemies with more force.

Variant Primary Effect Secondary Effect
Deku Nut Deals 5 points of damage Chance to paralyze for 5 seconds
Deku Nut (Mature) Deals 20 points of damage Chance to paralyze for 5 seconds

Locations Edit

Location Number

of Clusters

Falkreath Secret Grotto 3 Next to ladder
Falkreath Secret Grotto (exterior) 2
Hjaalmarch Secret Grotto 1 In cave hall leading to Roc's Cape, near Gold Skulltula
Rift Secret Grotto 3 1 near mushrooms and knapsack,

1 on edge of cave balcony

1 near hay pile bedding

Rift Secret Grotto (exterior) 3
Forgotten Cavern 3 Near fire and bedroll
Morwitijaal 5 1 near Goron Club,

1 near silver ore vein,

1 near Gossip Stone,

2 near underground tower

The Ruptured Towers 1 Outside Doubt
The Ruptured Towers - Doubt 6 2 near bottom of giant mushroom shaft,

2 in room with Wolfos,

2 in room with poison gas

Lore Edit

According to the Gossip Stones, Deku Nuts are a result of the migration of Deku Babas to Black Marsh. The plants that stayed in Skyrim adapted to the cold and became passive, producing only nuts, rather than carnivorous plants.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Deku Nuts were added to Relics of Hyrule in version 6.3. Similarly to bombs, their function was modeled after work by JZBai for the Throwing Weapons Lite mod.

Deku Nuts are retextured Nordic Barnacles.