Chilfos are cold, skeletal enemies that stand at 1.3 times the player's height. They are found in many Relics of Hyrule locations. They can be summoned using Summon Chilfos or Chilfos Thrall.

Chilfos wield Stalhrim bows, Stalhrim swords, or Stalhrim greatswords, and will drop Rupees on death. Chilfos may also occasionally drop pieces of Stalhrim.


The Chilfos are implied to be the cursed remains of Zora warriors that have become one with ice.

If Chilfos are exposed to water, they develop thick skins of ice, becoming Greater Chilfos. Greater Chilfos may become immobile if exposed to enough water over time.

Background and InspirationEdit

The Chilfos are inspired by the enemies of the same name from Twilight Princess. They were added with Morwitijaal in version 4.4 to provide a replacement for the Gargantuan Slaughterfish.

See AlsoEdit

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