The Blast Mask is a unique mask that doesn't offer any protection when worn, nor can it be tempered, nor enchanted.

When worn, it allows the wearer to use a new power that will cause an large explosion that will deal massive fire damage to enemies, as well as the wearer.

Removing the mask will remove the power that goes with it.

Location Edit

The Blast Mask is found just down the hill from Valthume, going toward Gloomreach. There will be a spot where a charred up body is found with scorched earth and blood.

The Blast Mask is found by looting the charred body.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The model for the Blast Mask is a modified version of the Spooky Wooden Mask mod by GoblinVomit.

The Blast Mask was added in Relics of Hyrule version 6.0.

The mask retains it's function and appearance from Majora's Mask.

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