Scholar's Log, 8th of Frostfall Solstheim, Northeastern shore

We have spent days preparing for our excursion into Itnamzand, the Dwemer ruin that rose out of the sea. Pandora has prepared waterbreathing potions for each of us. Turol complains about the taste, but I have said to  him that surely a potion that tastes of raw egg and barnacle is preferable to his lungs burning for air.
He stopped complaining of the taste.

Upon seeing Itnamzand, I was utterly amazed. The ruin is taller than any building I have seen, and much of it is  submerged underwater. The ruin is remarkably well preserved: no erosion, no broken pieces. Dwemer flags still fly,  and drawbridges stay connected and upright. Immense quantities of water flow from a number of pipes (16 by my  guess) on the exterior. Fog flows on the top, where three towers reach toward the sky. Zulema tells me she saw  skeletons of ice patrolling these towers, but I have yet to see them.

Sudene is anxious to enter, but the water is ice-cold. That, and we are not certain as to how to enter at all. Sudene has expressed some regret at retiring our Argonian. To be fair, a cold-blooded creature likely would not  fare well in such cold water. Pandora volunteered to search the submerged exterior of the ruin for a door, but  Turol, in a rare instance of wisdom, argued that Pandora is the only one of us who knows how to make a decent  waterbreathing potion. I can cast waterbreathing, but only on myself, and I will admit the waterbreathing potions  I make are fairly useless, only offering a few seconds of breath.

Turol, after removing his heavy gear, dove into the water with several potions, including waterbreating and resist  frost. Minutes passed like hours before he returned, unharmed, but still shaking from the cold. We prepared a fire  for him to warm himself. He told us there was a door on the opposite side of the ruin, a few feet underwater.
Sudene has decided we will venture into the ruin in a few hours.

The door opened into a remarkable room: an enormous pump, siphoning water out of the submerged ruin and into the  sea. Pipes coil and mesh throughout the room. Some are tilted, allowing us to climb to the top, where Zulema has  spotted another door.

Notes Edit

Arefal makes the same error that he made in Volume 1: Itnamzand is on the northwest coast of Solstheim.

Arefal mentions Chilfos.

Arefal's tone in Volume 2 begins light, but begins to become serious as Itnamzand presents challenges. Arefal still seems unfazed by the dungeon and is more interested in its architecture.

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