The Ancient Automaton is the final boss of Itnamzand and the guardian of the Noble Sword, the Tornado Rod, and Light of Knowledge.

It is found in Itnamzand Deep. In battle, it launches explosive bolts that stun enemies with shock damage. At first, the Automaton was accompanied by two smaller Dwarven Ballistae, but these were removed.

When defeated, the Ancient Automaton, the Tornado Rod, spell tomes of Darknut Thrall, Gimos Thrall, Summon Darknut, Summon Gimos, and the Itnamzand Sanctum Key can be found in its remains. It also carries samples of Dwarven oil and standard Dwarven Ballista loot.

Strategy Edit

The Ancient Automaton is arguably the easiest boss to defeat of the three major dungeons. Its only attack is easily avoided with proper timing, given the ballista's slow reload time after firing. Ranged magic or archery can dispatch the Ancient Automaton relatively quickly, and high resistance to shock magic can allow the player to approach with melée weapons.

Lore Edit

Very little is known about the Ancient Automaton. It is visibly very old, so may have had a similar story to the Silver Centurion, but has deteriorated considerably. It may also have been a result of experimentation on the part of the Dwemer of Itnamzand to integrate shock magic into their automata.

Background and Inspiration Edit

The Ancient Automaton is named for Koloktos, the boss of the Ancient Cistern in Skyward Sword. The coloring of the ballista also pays homage to Koloktos. This was done to reference JKalenad's favorite boss from Skyward Sword.

The Ancient Automaton is JKalenad's least favorite boss. It was a result of creative block and JKalenad never felt that the boss fit Itnamzand's Twilight Princess theme. He also felt that the Ancient Automaton was more suited to be a mini-boss than the guardian of a valuable relic (the Noble Sword), and an invaluable source of information (the Light of Knowledge). However, no Twilight Princess bosses provided enough inspiration, and bosses from other games did not seem suitable.

JKalenad has plans to make the Ancient Automaton more formidable by changing its element from electricity to fire and by increasing the damage of its attacks.

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