Alnesaan is a Gerudo Vampire, potential ally, and potential spouse. She is found in Haafingar Secret Grotto with Yolanda and Latimer.

She wears Vampire Boots and Vampire Armor and a Ring of Spirits and carries random vampire loot, gold, and a copy of A Chronicle of War Volume IV.

In combat, she dual-wields the unique Gerudo sabre Dawn, and the unique Gerudo Scimitar Dusk. If she is given a different weapon, she will still dual-wield.

She may also use magic in battle, summoning Gimos, firing Ice Spikes or Firebolts, or rarely using Invisibility.

Her perks include Savage Strike, Fighting Stance, Necromancy, Dark Souls, Augmented Flames, Augmented Frost, Bladesman (60), Hack and Slash (60), and Wind Walker. She has a natural 30% resistance to magic.

Alnesaan has no requirements for her recruitment and her vampirism cannot be cured.

Lore Edit

Alnesaan was cursed by Molag Bal (see A Chronicle of War Volume IV), and served the Daedric Prince for centuries. She, Latimer, and Yolanda realized that their fellow former citizens of Hyrule were slowly being brainwashed and corrupted. Instead of becoming accustomed to the killing and vile deeds dictated by Molag Bal, The three became vampire hunters, tracking down Gerudo and Hylian Vampires with the goal of destroying them and ending their misery.

Background and Inspiration Edit

Alnesaan was added to Relics of Hyrule in version 5.2.

She and her companions Latimer and Yolanda were reset in version 5.94 after a game-breaking bug arose and could not be fixed. The bug caused the friendly vampires to appear in Riften and attack wedding guests. They also would be attacked on sight in Riften and other cities. Alnesaan was changed from a Wood Elf Vampire to a normal Wood Elf, with customized vampire eyes.

Her eyes are based on Serana's, indicating her long life as a vampire.

Alnesaan is unique among Gerudo Vampires in that she wields fire and frost magic, rather than frost and shock magic. She is also capable of using both fire and frost at the same time. Her use of fire and frost magic is in reference to Twinrova. The elements of her swords also reference Twinrova.

Alnesaan's name is an anagram of the names "Anna" and "Elsa." These names were chosen to pay tribute to the protagonist and deuteragonist of the 2013 film Frozen. The anagram is intended to continue in the vein of contrasting elements, with Anna representing fire, and Elsa representing ice.

As of version 6.26, Alnesaan always wears gray Vampire Armor and Vampire Boots.

JKalenad has plans to change Alnesaan's appearance in version 6.49 to make her features more in line with those of traditional Gerudo. He also plans to give her a unique journal separate from the Chronicle of War Volume IV explaining her own backstory and opinion of Ganon.

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Alnesaan prior to version 6.49

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Hylian Vampires and the Haafingar Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

Hylian Vampires and the Haafingar Secret Grotto - Relics of Hyrule Video Guide

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