All-Night Masks are masks that allow the player to see more clearly in the dark when worn. An All-Night Mask offers no protection, but can be worn with circlets, helmets, and hoods. The enchantment cannot be learned.

Location Edit

All-Night Masks are worn by Greater Poes and the Master Poe. They cannot currently be obtained any other way.

Lore Edit

The original All-Night Mask was used as a torture device, as indicated in the description of the ones obtained from Poes. During the Last Great War of Hyrule, the original mask was duplicated and the duplicates were distributed to the Poes to keep them bound to the physical realm. The original was lost, and the duplicates were too numerous and spread too widely for their locations to be monitored. Rumors tell of soldiers given All-Night Masks becoming Poes after death as their souls became trapped in the physical realm while their bodies decayed.

Background and Inspiration Edit

All-Night Masks were included in Relics of Hyrule version 5.8 with Poes as a celebration of Halloween. Poes and All-Night Masks were planned for version 6.0, but were completed early.

The All-Night Masks share their model with the Dragon Priest Masks, but are retextured to have gaps and resemble the original mask.

Their function was changed from preventing sleep to activating Night Eye in order serve a useful purpose in Skyrim, as well as in the context of the Last Great War of Hyrule.

The possibility remains for the original All-Night Mask as it appeared in Majora's Mask to appear in Relics of Hyrule, but if included, its function will also be changed to be unique. The original All-Night Mask is not a priority, however, as JKalenad does not have the capability to implement it as he would prefer.

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